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Advertise with Tomm TV Colorado

When you advertise with ToMM TV, you have a great way to find end engage with new customers.  ToMM TVs are installed in doctor’s offices, dental offices, restaurants, salons, health clubs, and other locations where you find a captive audience.  Our systems can be set to target a specific region or set to reach a statewide audience.  

ToMM TV of Colorado partners with you to create an appealing and engaging High-Definition commercial for your company. All you have to do is choose the locations where you want the commercial to run. Your ad will air on your chosen ToMM TVs all day – every day, and people will be watching!

Your ad will be combined with our fun and entertaining ToMM Trivia.  This trivia gets people watching and engaging. After a trivia question is displayed your ad will run before the answer is given.  As viewers watch for the answer your commercial will enchant and captivate them.

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Who advertises with Tomm TV?

These Colorado businesses advertise with ToMM TV in numerous locations in Colorado and the Denver Metro area.

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